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Vietnam Travel Tips

It's said that Vietnam is a friendly and safe country that really attract many tourists with full of stunning destinations like historical Hanoi capital, romantic Hue city, and the fascinating Mekong Delta, etc. However, you should learn about some Dos and Don'ts for traveling in Vietnam about customs, religious, social relationships, etc. Besides, you could easily have a favorable trip in Vietnam if you know about some travel tips on shopping, eating, transportation as well as money and cards.

Pho (Noodle) – Hanoi

For a long time now, Pho has been considered the delicacy of Hanoi cuisine and known as one of the best food in the world. It's always an irresistible attraction to any traveler who wants to discover the Hanoian eating culture. That's why people say, “No trip to Hanoi is complete without eating a bowl of pho."

Hanoians eat pho for breakfast as it's delicious and full of nutrients to keep you energized for the entire morning. Pho restaurants are scattered along virtually any street, especially in the central districts. 

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Vietnam Lunar New Year

Tet Lunar New Year, also known as Tet Nguyen Dan, is the most significant and widely celebrated festival in Vietnam. This annual event marks the beginning of the lunar calendar and is a time when families come together to honor their ancestors, pay respect to deities, and welcome the arrival of a prosperous new year. Tet embodies the essence of Vietnamese culture, encapsulating traditions, customs, and a deep-rooted sense of community.

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